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    To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Onelink center…

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    What's the size of your serviced office?

    We have a wide variety of serviced office types, basically we are able to take care of the office requirements starting from 1 person's unit as the smallest to 20 people's room. And since it's furnished workspace, the very flexible workspace solution can be presented in terms of your changing business requirement.

    What's your pricing philosophy?

    We've been holding onto an very transparent pricing philosophy, which is all-inclusive service package: we covers almost everything in the rental including management fee, water&electricity, internet, coffee&tea, daily cleaning, office equipments, etc.

    Can your serviced office be registered?

    We have officially recorded from the local authority to maintain the right of renting the divided space, and each room is serving as the registerable business address, as long as your business scope is fitting the local rules®ulations, the unit can be legally registered.

    Can you quote me a price regarding your office online?

    We are maintaining a all-inclusive package, and we do have a wide variety of office types, where the price of each unit is varying from room types, orientation, with or without a window, leasing terms, etc. so we would recommend you to pay us a physical tour and choose the exact room you're desirable, our consultant will quote the exact price based on your choice.

    What kinds of the public area do you have?

    To maintain a comfortable workspace for every in-house client, we build our public area to be spacious and comfortable, we're having over 700sqm public area, including small pantry, refreshment bar equipped with water& coffee machine, meeting facilities with video conferencing functionality, etc
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